Setup your payment methods.

Create your PayFast account.

Okusha supports payments by various different payment gateways and if you are already setup with your prefered provider, please contact support.

We recommend PayFast as it is South Africa’s number one payment portal and allows you to integrate once and accept up to 7 payment methods, including credit cards, Instant EFT, Mobicred and more.

Step 1: Register your PayFast account.

Once you have registered your account, you will be requested to verify your business by submitting a copy of your South African ID, Proof of Residence and Proof of Bank Account Ownership.

All of the required documents and processes are explained at length by PayFast. Please follow the steps closely to avoid delays or problems.

Link your PayFast account.

Important: Once your PayFast account is created and verified, remember to go to Settings > Display and update your trading name and add your company logo.

After you have created your account you will receive a “Merchat Key” and a “Merchant ID” These codes will be displayed on your PayFast dashboard. Enter them below to link your Okusha store to your PayFast account.

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